Monday, January 30, 2012

It was nice while it lasted

Not sure what to write about today. The weather in this winter of fantasticness seems redundant, though it topped 50 degrees today with more awesomeness forecasted for the next few days.

Today Bill the Bear tried to schedule a weekend up at Ricardo's cabin in Wisconsin for our group of guy friends.Why would Bill be scheduling a weekend at Ricardo's cabin you might ask and you'd be just in asking such a question. The reason is that we would NEVER get up to Ricardo's cabin for a guys weekend if Ricardo was actually put in charge of scheduling. Ricardo is notoriously bad at communicating via email or vmail, so we either take charge of these types of events ourselves or include Ricardo's wife on emails so the message gets through.

The crazy thing is that while we're trying to schedule a snowy, winter fun weekend, which means prior to St. Patrick's Day, I only have two free weekends between now and then!! What's up with that? There's a trip we're taking to Ft. Myers, my mom's 75th birthday, Blackhawk tickets, VIP tickets to see Jim Gaffigan in Joliet and a softball tournament in St. Louis. That's a busy couple of months. Might not have the relaxing type of weekend that we just had for some time.


alexis said...

dude, is it ALREADY time for another weekend up in WI? Wow seems like the last one just came up.

el supremo de nm said...

I suppose the Ricardo should be happy that you even invite him to go to his own cabin.

terri said...


(I don't know why I'm shouting. Probably just because I love Jim Gaffigan.)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Terri, we're sitting second row in the VIP section AND we get to meet him after the show!! Sweet!

And Alexis, I haven't actually been up to the cabin in probably a year! They go up all the time, but I've been busy with Bears games or softball. Bah!