Sunday, January 08, 2012

Good Weekend

Future Headlines:

Oil tops $120 a barrel on Strait of Hormuz agitations

That's actually a tough one because it's an election year. If oil does go that high, it's going to hurt the voting public and could lose Obama the election. That might cause him to dip into the strategic oil reserves to keep the prices down.

Busy couple of days around the Sutton house. Saturday was recovering from a party a Smitty's house on Friday night and getting my computer closer to up and running 100% by installing software. Migrating files from computer to computer is pretty easy, but few programs allow you to migrate actual programs. So I had to install things like TurboTax and Skype. I also hooked up an automatic backup system that I got for Christmas from LL that is about the size of my wallet and holds a terabyte of data! Nice. The printer wasn't hooked up either, so I got that taken care of. In the end I now have two external hard drive systems, an external camera and transfer cables, which I no longer need. I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with them though.

The computer LL bought me for Christmas is also a Touchsmart computer, so I can do all sorts of things with the screen by touching it if I like, sort of like a ginormous IPad. Pretty cool.

We took down the ornaments on Saturday and after going to church on Sunday, we took the tree to the recycling center. It was a productive trip as we then took our ornaments and stand to our storage unit. Solid afternoon of running errands. Tough to see our tree, Fraser, go though. He still smelled good and the needles weren't dropping off yet.


terri said...

I had a hard time saying goodbye to my tree too. The living room feels a little empty.

Glad to hear you're getting your computer issues solved. I'd never heard of a terabyte until last week when we were talking about new computers at work. Amazing how the equipment keeps getting smaller while the capacity grows!

alexis said...

that is adorable, you named your tree? I am certain this is the first time I have EVER used the word "adorable" on your blog - another benefit of LL in your life. :)

el supremo de nm said...

I've heard Joe use the word 'adorable' many, many a past life.

One of the great things about being on a MAC is it's ability to move both the programs and the files over to a new one.