Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday night mixture

My birthday is coming up in two months and I was contacted by the State to renew my drivers license. This time though they told me I could renew through the mail because I had such a good record (makes sense as I'm fully aware that I'm a good driver and most people I see are idiots). But I was sort of surprised that they would do it through the mail. If you didn't have anything really change and you're fine with your picture, then it's a no-brainer. So I filled out the document and sent it in. Got my license in the mail yesterday and I'm good to go! No DMV for me!

By the way,if you're into watching the Super Bowl and want to buy a square, my softball team is doing a fundraiser for $20 a square. The payout is $250 a quarter with a $50 payout for the reverse winning numbers. The final score numbers payout $500 with $100 for the reverse numbers. Just let me know if you're interested.

Somebody tried to rain on my winter weather parade today by saying we are actually only a few inches below normal snowfall amounts so far this winter. On average, it appears, by now we have had about 20 inches of snow. While there's little to no snow to be found on the ground, we have had three big snow falls that probably accumulate about 15 inches. The big difference is that it has all melted! Plus one night it rained really hard. If that were snow, we'd easily be over the average and instead of melting the snow, it would have added to the base.


el supremo de nm said...

No DMV - Great.

In NM we have private contractors that cost a bit extra but keep you totally out of the DMV experience.

terri said...

I am pretty sure that Minnesota does not offer any alternative to going into the DMV in person. In fact, I think they only recently got the ability to accept check cards. I used to have to remember to bring my checkbook there. I hardly use it anymore!

I guess I can handle "typical" amounts of snow as long as it doesn't stick around. It's when it accumulates, foot after foot after foot, that it gets so depressing!