Friday, January 13, 2012

Will things change?

A rare Friday night post. There are a bunch of topics that I want to discuss, but let's go with a discussion I had with a buddy of mine.

Some background first: the guy who sits next to me at the Bears games, Doug, (and has 10 tickets around the stadium) has a winter home down in Florida. He's invited us down to visit whenever we like. He's only had the place for the last two or three years, so I haven't taken him up on it.

Doug's son turns 21 in early February and their whole family is going to Vegas for the son's birthday, which will be over Super Bowl weekend, February 4th. We were invited to join them, but they roll pretty heavy and don't really gamble, so I'm thinking lots of expensive dinners, shows and not much gambling which is pretty much the opposite of what I like to do in Vegas.

So we decided to take a pass on the Vegas trip, but go down and visit him for a long weekend over Presidents' Day weekend. The other day though, I got a text from a buddy who sits near us at the games and knows Doug as well. He wanted to know if we were going to Vegas and I said no, but said we were going down later in the month. He said, "Cool! I can use a guys' weekend. Sounds awesome. Let me know which weekend."

He just made the assumption that LL wasn't going with me, which is odd since she was going to be going to Vegas had we gone. So I told him that Laura was going too, so it wouldn't be a guys weekend. He apologized for jumping the gun and wrote that he forgot I was newly married and that after umpteen years of marriage, he doesn't mind a get out of jail free card every once in a while. I texted that I'd rather vacation with LL than without her.

Certainly absence can make the heart grow fonder, but I'm not there yet!!


bee said...

The neat thing about marriage at a later age, if you remember Ray and I were 32, is that you don't get tired of being around your mate! And she is so special, i think you guys are good for at least 50 years.

terri said...

I have to agree with Bee. I think when you get married younger, and you have kids and all the stuff that comes along with being a family, it's not uncommon for spouses to start needing a break from the pressures of life. Mark and I don't really need guys/girls weekends since he's gone so much. But I know a lot of people who do it often.

el supremo de nm said...

I'm with your assessment. You had years with boys. Now you've got a great relationship with LL. Enjoy that.

alexis said...

this is also what makes business travel even less fun than it already is.