Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Finally a New Year's Post

Way too much to even try to catch up on, so I'll do it over a few days. The BIG thing though was our trip to see LL's sister and brother-in-law, Linda and Greg. Both are really nice people and Linda was LL's matron of honor and Greg did a reading (only because I was full on guys already with Rich and Ken).

On NYE last year and this year, we have flown out to D.C./Maryland and relax while watching football and eating. A lot. We go to Fogo de Chao in dowtown D.C. on NYE and Greg makes fresh caipirinhas for us to suck down pretty much all day. If you don't know what a caipirinhas is, it uses Brazilian rum (think gasoline) and then you toss in limes (which are muddled) and a bunch of sugar (or in my case a bunch of Splenda.....9 packets per glass!!). Yeah, you read that right. And they are delicious!!! I could drink them all night and I wish I had one right now. Just awesome.

So in addition to Fogo on NYE, we went to a Mexican restaurant the day we arrived, I made ribs on Monday (which were awesome!), for breakfast I cooked chorizo omelets twice and Linda made French toast another morning. When I say we ate, I mean it!! Lots of "snack" cheese and crackers were consumed too.

So here are some pictures. More on the weekend tomorrow.

The sign of deliciousness. Green disk means bring the food! Flip it to red to get a break.

Our wonderful hosts for the extended weekend, Linda and Greg. Oh, did I mention that we were going to come home on Monday, but then I realized because New Years was on a Sunday (an NFL Sunday) that the bowl games were on Monday. We changed our flight so we could stay an extra day and watch the games.....and make ribs, which would have been too much on Sunday after Fogo on Saturday.

A very blurry phone picture of the capital building. See? We were there!

THE caipirinha station. Yep, it requires it's own station for the four day excursion to drunky land. Fresh limes, Splenda, sugar and cachaca, the Brazilian rum. Wonderful.

Mind you, while Greg and I were drinking and eating, LL and Linda were shopping, going to the movies, watching some football and socializing. Greg and I mostly just watched football and drank. No wonder I was looking forward to it since September!


alexis said...

Sounds like a fantastic NYE trip. How awesome that you get along with your in-laws so well!

I like caipirinhas as well but given that it only takes a drink or two to send me to drunky land, I reserve it for what I really love - usually wine and bourbon-y type stuff.

terri said...

That sounds like a great time. The holidays are great for just relaxing and forgetting about the usual routine.