Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowy Conditions

The snow has arrived and in force again. There will probably be 5-8 inches by the time it stops snowing this time. It was sort of nice that the snow from the last storm all melted! Hopefully the same thing happens with this stuff, but it looks like it's going to be around for a while. Ugh. I'm just not a fan of the snow. It makes people drive and act like idiots and it makes walking more difficult. Great for skiing, but I'm not skiing so I say snow be damned!!

HD is wonderful!! I've had HD televisions and was supposed to be receiving HD channels from DirctTv, but the reality was that most of the HD stations did not come in and if there was rain, snow or even a little wind some times, there would be no reception on even the primary HD channels. Ugh. So when I got a second HD compatible TV, I had little interest in getting an HD hookup for it. Last week though I called DirectTv and had them come out to fix the HD. They changed a bunch of the connections up on the roof with the dish and my HD was awesome again! Every channel worked! Sweet!!

So yesterday I called them up and said that a competitor of theirs was willing to come hook up ALL of my televisions to HD DVR's for nothing and I was thinking of switching. They passed me along the line, just twice I guess, and boom! I had free HD DVR upgrades and that new room-to-room viewing where you can watch anything on one room's DVR in another room! Sweet! Plus I got the ondemand upgratde too! And it's snowing like heck and my HD is still working just fine. Awesome!!!


terri said...

I know what you mean about the snow. I do NOT miss those big heavy snowfalls. We got a little bit today. It was just enough to freshen things up. But it's still SO cold! I've had enough of the low temps.

It's amazing what they've done with television. Mark and I were checking out new televisions last night. We're contemplating replacing the smaller one in the living room. So we tried out a 3D television. AWESOME. Not that we're actually going to get it. Mark and Jake would never leave the house if we had one. But it was so cool!

el supremo de nm said...

I like HD too. But it was unnerving at first to see everyone's facial blemishes on the screen!