Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to Basra

As the U.S. pulls its troops off of foreign soil, I have had to redeploy T-Rex into Basra. Funny thing, the poison I was putting out previously worked like a charm and the rats only came back after I stopped putting it out (aren't I already doing their landlord's job?). More recently though, I put out the same brick shaped poison (well, put it down the rat holes really), only to have the rats push it out of the hole instead of taking it further in to the hole to eat it!! That's a problem.

Fortunately, T-Rex is ready and waiting. Baited with peanut butter, Skippy Chunky in case you're interested, T-Rex was deployed and brought home the bacon......or rat bacon....or whatever. The first night I thought something went awry as I didn't see T-Rex while walking down to Starbucks for my morning cup of coffee. That turned out to not be the case though as T-Rex was not only successful, he killed with such ferocity that after snapping shut it threw itself and the rat down the stairs upon which it was perched. Ha! Cleaned, locked and loaded on day two, T-Rex came up empty. Night three though brought another kill. Both were big sized rats as far as rats go.

Then the snows came so putting out T-Rex when he'd get buried was pointless. Tonight he was redeployed though as the war wages on!!! I will not make any promises as to when the troops will come home. The bait of choice was changed to Peter Pan Creamy by the way.


terri said...

Choosy moms choose Jif.

Yes, you are doing the landlord's job, and quite successfully, I might add. But it sounds to me like you're enjoying it too much to complain.

alexis said...

what sort of ribbon do you wear to remember the Basra troops? Peanut butter brown?

el supremo de nm said...

Hard to believe you never took up hunting.