Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday Night Project

So the snow came over the weekend and then it rained like a banshee on Sunday night and melted most of it away again. Outstanding. This is my kind of winter!!

There was no post yesterday for no reason in particular. Laura went to her office and had dinner plans with a friend so I was on my own all day and evening. By the time she got home, I was immersed in a project that kept me occupied until bed time, which was earlier than usual for Laura as she had trouble sleeping the night before. Why? Molly, our 13 year old dog, didn't like the thunder storm we had. Yes, thunder....in January. Awesome! But not awesome that it kept Molly up and going crazy until we were able to give her a doggie sedative.

The project I was working on involves.....wait for it....baseball cards! Yes, I'm an avid collector and have complete sets dating back to the mid 60's. While migrating files from one computer to another I ran across an excel file that listed cards I needed from 1967, a set which I thought I had finished. After taking a look at the list and the cards I had, I came to the realization that the list was old and inaccurate. However I also realized that some of the cards in my set were not in the greatest condition and that I should replace them with better cards if possible. As with any collectible, the condition of the card is paramount. So after reviewing the entire 660 card set, I made another much shorter list of cards I wanted to replace and went on ebay to check them out. So yes, it was a busy night!

Tonight we have Blackhawks tickets so we're very excited!!

Also, my softball team is raising money by selling Super Bowl squares. $20 a square with a payout of $250 a quarter and $50 for the reverse numbers and $500 for the final score with $100 for the reverse final score numbers. Let me know if you're interested!!


terri said...

We started our boys on baseball card collections when they were very young. They didn't keep up with them after a few years, but they both have at least several hundred cards. You have me wondering now if there's anything worthwhile in those collections.

el supremo de nm said...

Doggie sedatives? Why don't you and LL just take human sedatives and tune her out :)

alexis said...

oh there is something very meditative about collection maintenance, isn't there?