Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tough week on the waistline coming up

Maybe it's the lack of snow this year, but the weekends seem much more relaxing this winter than they have been in the past. LL was living with me last year, so that's not it. Softball (on Saturday nights) starts next week and I never play in the first season (which ended two weeks ago) so that's not it. I don't think I can put my finger on it exactly, but our weekends are just more relaxed and less....eventful? I don't know. This weekend was a birthday party in the burbs for E-Money from my softball team on Saturday night and LL's parents came downtown tonight to take us out for LL's birthday which is Tuesday. Even with all that, it seemed like a relaxed weekend.

So yes, Tuesday is LL's birthday and we're going to dinner with our good friends Terry and Sandie from Mokena down at one of our favorite restaurants, The Maple Tree Inn. The food is southern style and they have big mardi gras celebrations, so this is a fun time to go down there. Plus we don't get to see Terry and Sandie as much as we'd like to so this is extra special. Next weekend we already have dinner plans with some friends of LL's and then Sunday is the Super Bowl! Good times!!


alexis said...

that sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday! Maybe you are just accustomed now to doing so much you don't notice it anymore?

el supremo de nm said...

Yup. Tough week of eating. And no ESDNM around. Who will be your scapegoat. Oh. Maybe it will have to be you!