Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Dinner List

As many of you know who cook on a regular basis, it's sometimes tough to figure out what to cook on any given night. When did I last make that? Do I have the ingredients to make that dish? What can I cook that we haven't had in a while? Well, being tired of thumbing through pages of recipes in a folder, I decided to put them all down on an Excel spreadsheet. Laura helped round out the list and reminded me of certain dishes. In addition to the main courses, we included some veggies as well. So without further adieu, here's that list!

Main Dish
Red meat
Steak with blue cheese crust
Hamburgers with seasoning
Stuffed Peppers
Trout with mushrooms/peppers
Breaded Catfish
Maple glazed salmon
Shrimp scampi
Crab legs
Chops in rub
Dijon chops
Grilled and barbecued
Baked with pesto
Oven fried chicken
Marinated grilled breasts
Cashew chicken
Stir fry peanut sauce with chicken or meat
Butternut Squash risotto


Acorn Squash
Butternut squash
Steamed broccoli
Baked broccoli
Garlic and herb green beans
Sugar snap peas
Roasted brussel spouts
Cider brussel sprouts
Sauteed spinach
Sliced potatoes with parm
Sweet potato
Sweet potato fries
Corn on the cob
Bagged corn


terri said...

This is a good idea. I'm trying to cook more regularly these days and I don't have a huge menu of standards, so I'm always flying by the seat of my pants.

Maybe I should make a list too.

We tend to buy meat in bulk, so at least I can open the freezer at any given time and find something that will be a main dish.

el supremo de nm said...

I have a bag of cooking tricks involving techniques (sauteing, broiling, braising, etc.) and flavor combinations I've learned (French, Italian, Spanish, New Mexican, Chinese, Indian). We have list of vegetables and proteins that Wife and I will both eat that we stock our larder with. And I improvise using those for most day-to-day meals.