Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Birthday Dinner!

Yesterday was LL's birthday and we decided to head south to the Maple Tree Inn for some cajun food with our good friends Terry and Sandie (who live about 20 minutes from the restaurant). I should have taken pictures of the food and festivities, but forgot as we enjoyed the company. To top it off, they paid for dinner!! It was sort of a combo birthday gift for Laura and thank you gift for taking Terry to a Bears game. So nice of them!!!

After every visit with Terry and Sandie we comment on how we need to get together with them more often. Hopefully that will happen this time! We're working on Hawks game and dinner. I also had the thought, since we were just trying to plan a trip up north for a boys weekend, that Terry would be a great fit with the group going up there: he smokes cigars (I don't but the other guys do), drinks whiskey (I don't but everyone else does) and loves to cook a good piece of meat. He'd be fun to hangout with up there. First I have to find a time when I can make it up there!!

Here's a picture of Terry and Sandie from down in Puerto Rico. I also have a bunch of pics from their annual Memorial Day party, but this pic is fine.

Unfortunately LL didn't get her big birthday gift yet. We decided to buy each other new iPads for our birthdays (mine is in March), but then I read that a NEW iPad is coming out at the end of this month or the beginning of March. Seems silly to buy old technology if we only have to wait a month. We'll stay updated on the new release and see if we have to breakdown and buy the iPad II instead due to delays. Hopefully not!


alexis said...

I see you guys fall under the category of don't care if it is surprise or not gift. Good for you!

terri said...

Happy Birthday, LL!

Those evenings with friends when you come away saying you have to do that more often are the best. We had a similar experience last night, so we "girls" put the next date on our calendars today.