Monday, November 28, 2011

Perfect Moments

Saturday morning, a lazy day after the late night in Dwight, became a defacto movie day. A day actually turns out to be very long when started with a movie, followed by another movie and then a third. The weather wasn't very pleasant so staying inside was pretty easy.

The first movie we watched was called "Super" with Rainn Wilson. It wasn't LL's favorite as there were some graphic scenes (one character gets half their face blown off), but I enjoyed it. Early in the movie Rainn's character, a short order cook at a greasy spoon, looks at two drawings that he hung up on his wall that were of "Perfect Moments" in his life. He had only two: his wedding day (to his soon to be lost to drugs new wife) and the second was of him on the street telling a policeman which way a suspect went as he passed Rainn. That was it, but they were his perfect moments in his life where he took action and everything was clear, happy and....well, perfect. At the end of the movie, the walls of his room are covered with drawings of perfect moments.

This made me think of perfect moments in my life. These moments just jump out clearly in my mind. Now, many OTHER moments that aren't perfect jump out in my mind as well. So what are some of my perfect moments? My wedding day without a doubt and singing to LL has to top the list. That was absolutely perfect.

There were two golf related perfect moments: shooting a par 72 and hitting a hole-in-one, after hitting my first shot into the water so really it was a hole-in-three.

There's a few softball moments that seemed perfect to me as well. The first one happened down in Florida in about the third or fourth game of a tournament. There were runners at first and third in the last inning and we were up by a run after the opponents had mounted a comeback. With two outs and the heat of Florida beating down on us, I knew the hitter was going to try to pull it past me at third. And he did.....try at least. I dove to my left, snagged the ball and threw to second from my knees to Andy (aka sausage) to end the game.

Another perfect moment was also a softball play was on the fields at Disney in Orlando. Before the game started, I checked out how much room I had between third base and the fence by the dugout. It's good to know these things when you're playing on a new field as there can be holes, slopes, rocks, patches of cement or just about anything preventing a potential catch. Here however, there were no issues. In the second inning, a hitter popped a ball up foul towards the third base dugout and I raced over, slid and made the catch while sliding into the fence. It was the third out of the inning and then I led off the next inning. Our team had yet to get a hit due, in part, to sun issues and bad approaches, but I singled to center to get us rolling.

Finally, at least of what I'm recalling currently, I collected baseball cards that my dad had collected when he was 13 years old and had sold in the '70's for some much needed money for the family, and then gave them to him as a Christmas gift. There wasn't a dry eye that Christmas. Here's my first blog entry about it.

Any perfect moments that you'd care to share?


alexis said...

no work perfect moments?

definitely wedding day was a perfect moment. And first time looking at my daughter. Lots of little perfect moments as well! It's a nice thought this... :)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oh, these aren't ALL my perfect moments, just some that I wanted to write about last night. I'll add more this week I think.

terri said...

I was struck by the fact that you seemed to immediately come up with several perfect moments, while I had to really think about it. Of course there is the obvious big stuff, like the birth of my kids, but it makes me realize that I think I'm letting a lot of simple but good things pass me by without notice. Food for thought.