Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Super Freak and Super Closet

Didn't post much in the way of Halloween pictures, so I'm catching up.

Here's LL wearing the outfit we made. I looked the same, but not as cute.

I pulled this picture off of Facebook as it was too dark at the party for pictures. Emoney had the best costume I think, dressed as Mayhem from the insurance commercials. And not just any of the characters, specifically the raccoon in the attic character. He has wire around his neck and insulation in his pockets. Not to mention the raccoon eyes. Very funny.

Also at the party were Homer and Marge. Can you believe that I had no idea who Marge was for like half the party? It finally hit me when I saw her next to her fiance. Who else could she have been?? Who has hair like that? Sometimes I'm clueless.

Super closet 2.0 is getting finished today! Here's a status picture. If you don't know the room that it's in, it might not make much sense, but you can see how big the closet is. Very happy!! More pictures tomorrow!


Joisey Ken said...

I think everyone would like to see a picture of Joe as well.

alexis said...

I dunno, the Simpsons couple is a bit scary. Maybe it's the eyes?

I wonder if you'd have gotten more accolades if you'd gone as zombie victim baristas?