Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Trout with Mushrooms

Tonight I made this recipe, trout and mushrooms, though I used bread crumbs instead of flour and it was delicious.

And Super Closet 2.0 is done! Here are some pictures:

Ha! Tricked you. First is me, back lit I know, in my barista costume and actually in a Starbucks!

Here's the bifold closet door that leads into SC2.0. The door on the right leaves the room.

And here is LL in SC2.o with Molly.

Here are the shelves to the left of the door.

And this is inside to the right, where LL was standing in the picture above.

And here's our decorative turtle pull chain! So cute!!

Now to figure out what goes into the various closets and how we're going to rotate stuff around. Sounds like a weekend project.


alexis said...

closet 2.0 probably could go for about 200k here as a flat alone.

el supremo de nm said...

Nooooo, you're locking up LL and her poor rain paranoid dog!