Sunday, November 06, 2011

What happened to Thursday and Friday??

Though I knew I didn't post on Friday, I really thought I posted on Thursday. Odd. Anyway the primary reason was me cooking.....and too much wine! Yeah, I cooked steak with that blue cheese topping again on Thursday and then made ribs on Friday (a 4-5 hour process) and I think we had wine afterwards on both nights. Yum.

Saturday was a fun day where LL and I drove out to Joliet to drop off our sick dog (Molly was given some-a very little bit!-of the steak leftovers by yours truly and she got sick) with LL's parents and then drove over to my parents. We had lunch there before heading west to Aurora to drop off LL's wedding dress to be cleaned. She showed them pictures from the wedding and they loved them (obviously those involving the dress in particular) and may use them to display the dress as an option for future brides. If you remember, LL combined two dresses to make her dress.

Then I dropped LL off at a Starbucks so she could study for a Sunday-Sunday training session this week and I headed over to a golf course to hit some balls with my new swing. Oh, that's right on Thursday I went over for a 30 minute helper session with Gabriel at Golftec. The consistency is still not there, as you might expect, but I'm getting closer. Two more 30 minute sessions left to get it right. Actually I can buy more time of course, I'd just prefer to not have to buy more.

Then I stopped by Benny Baseball's house to see if he was around and ok. Still no word from him since someone else stopped by on a Saturday morning. It was late afternoon when I stopped over and either he wasn't home or not interested in talking. His car is in the drive way with two of the windows open about an inch or so and a flat front tire. The inside looked like a mess too, but that's standard operating procedure for Benny. :-)

After my non-visit, I picked up LL and we headed out to her folks place to get some dinner. A friend of LL's family who could not make the wedding, took a bunch of pictures from the wedding and made a 20 minute video montage. It's awesome.

In other wedding news, I'm now in possession of the recording of me singing to LL. Haven't decided if I'll post it or not, but I'm leaning towards posting it, either here or on Youtube.

How awesome is the first day of daylight savings time?? Freaking awesome!


terri said...

The days have a way of getting away from you, don't they? I was all caught up on blogs and suddenly I'm a week behind again!

Very cool that LL's photos might end up being displayed!

If you're taking votes, I vote YES for posting the video!

alexis said...

good lord, you're a cooking machine! whata busy weekend on top of it all too! I vote yes for video too!

el supremo de nm said...

Actually it is going to Standard not Day light savings time. And why we have to wait until November to get some sunlight in the morning is beyond me. Of course you have to put it on You Tube.

Bee said...

If we are being technical its actually Daylight SAVING S, for real. Check...go ahead...i'll wait..........see?