Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Engage-a-versary!

One year again today, tonight actually, I presented a ring to LL at the Paris hotel restaurant in Las Vegas and asked her to marry me. What a year it has been! Couldn't be happier.

The Bears game yesterday was an exciting one, but it came with a cost as our QB broke his thumb and is having season ending surgery. There is a chance he'll be able to play in the playoffs (or possibly even a week sooner), but I'm not holding my breath. Does this impact my thoughts on the Bears making the playoffs? Not much, no. They have a tough task on the road in Oakland next weekend, who have been resurgent with the acquisition of QB Carson Palmer mid season, but then they have "soft games" against KC, Denver and Seattle before finishing with Green Bay and the Vikings. According to an ESPN poll, 89% of Chicago fans believe the Bears will win 3 or more games with their backup QB. The biggest issue in my mind is can they win on the road against a playoff team with the backup if Cutler hasn't returned. They will definitely be going on the road if they make the playoffs as they will be a wildcard team with the Packers winning the division and currently undefeated.

Had a great tailgate yesterday with Ricardo and wife Jodi joining us, in addition to E-Money and his girlfriend, her twin sister and the sister's husband, plus others. Good fun. Mr. Heater debuted and worked great taking the edge off the plunging temperatures. The windchill was still in the 30's, which we'll love to see in a month I'm sure, but it was a bit of a shock to the system after such nice weather.

An actual pic! Looks cold doesn't it?

And I realized that I'm an idiot for serving brats and Italian sausages. Hamburgers are just as acceptable as far as grilling out goes and they have virtually NO SODIUM. What am I thinking?? Even though I have chili, it's tough to have a chili-dog because you need a huge bun and that's too much bread. Dan, the husband of the twin sister (and whose house we went to for Halloween) brought bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. He smoked them and holy crap were they good! He even made some with lower sodium bacon for me!! What a guy.

And lastly, here's another clip from the wedding! This is entitled: The Procession.

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alexis said...

that is so sweet! Who knew you could show so much thoughtfulness with bacon?

and happy engageversary!