Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

The Thanksgiving celebration started Wednesday as LL had the day off (using up vacation days before the end of the year). Even though I did work during the day, nobody really expects all that much to get done so I tried to meet those expectations.

Wednesday evening was a gathering at Bill the Bear's house with his wife to be, Nadine, where all I had to bring was some booze. Since Smitty was out of town, it was just six of us including Ricardo and Jodi. Bill and Nadine made all sorts of great "south of the border" food including soup, dips, salad and geez, I don't know what all else. It was all good though. Of course there were also margarita's, beer, wine and sangria, of which I had all but the margarita. A great kickoff to the holidays!

We left at a fairly reasonable hour of 11 or so, gave Ricardo and Jodi a lift home and got into bed by a little after midnight. Reveille was at 7 a.m. as our annual Turkey Bowl flag football game was an hour drive away and starts at 9:30. More on the game tomorrow.

We arrived in Naperville around 12:30 and the appetizers came out immediately, though I had to hit the shower first.

Here's a fun little display next to the table. Very holidayish.

And we had the real plates out for Turkey Day! Yay! All the food was really tasty. The new food item this year was peapods in some sort of seasoning. Good stuff. We ended up eating around 4 or so and left around 7. We brought pumpkin cheesecake that we bought from our favorite sushi place and it was as delicious as it was at the restaurant. Yes, you read that right, cheesecake from a sushi restaurant. They bought it from a bakery but ordered another one and sold it to us (cut into 24 pieces) at cost. Nice!!

And then we got home to our dog who had been home alone for 12 hours and didn't go to the bathroom in the house!! An added bonus.


BackToBaseball said...

'Revelry was at 7 a.m. ...'

I believe the term you are looking for is Reveille.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yes it was. Not the first time I've made that mistake too.

terri said...

"Real plates" - that made me laugh! My sister bought Chinette plates. We figured the usual people would be working clean-up (her and me) so she thought she'd make it easier on us.

I hear about pumpkin cheesecake every year, but I don't think I've ever tried it. I'll have to make a point to get some next year.