Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some Sunday Pictures

Spent the day, after church, watching football and specifically the Bears. A tough loss, but without Cutler at QB, it was to be expected. One play before half cost created a 10 point difference as we were denied a TD and they returned an interception to our 10 yard line that ended up in 3 pts for them. Stupid pass play that was squarely on Martz, the offensive coordinator.

Friday night we made our second trip of the year to Dwight, IL, about 90 minutes away to visit our friends The Punkes (Punk-ees). They sit next to me at the Bears game and we went to Jr.'s wedding in September. The reason for this trip was an office party for Sr.'s company held at a bowling alley. Food, drink and bowling....awesome fun.

Here is the Punke clan: Jr., Sr., Jessica and Johnathon.

The bar in the bowling alley had a granite counter top. If you pay enough, not sure how much, they will play Ring of Fire and drizzle vodka around the horseshoe shaped counter and light it on fire. Pretty cool. You can't get that in Chicago. The cops would close that down in heartbeat.

I realized that I hadn't posted these pics on my blog yet. These are pics of me practicing for the singing element of the reception with Naperville Greg.

Here, I'm drawing the layout of the reception so Greg knows what to expect. We were in the office and the marker board helped here.

In this picture, I drew a woman's head and used the guitar case as her body and pretended it was LL. It gave me a visual for practice.

And here's Greg on the guitar. He really drove the need to practice. I really didn't think it was all THAT important, though I wanted to but we couldn't get together for several weeks due to scheduling. We finally did get together the week before I left for the wedding and it really was helpful. We were all ready to go after about 90 minutes or so. It must have been good enough since we pulled it off at the reception.


alexis said...

practice makes perfect he!

Or in Dutch, oefening baart kunst!

terri said...

I've seen pictures of your lovely wife often enough on this blog to know that the guitar case is not an accurate, nor flattering representation of her. :-)

el supremo de nm said...

Agreed Terri!

I never realized just how much you put into that whole thing. Pretty impressive. Good thing your short sickness didn't undermine the whole thing!

That ring of fire is crazy!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oh you are absolutely right Terri. Not accurate at all....just something that's body like.