Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back it up...beep...beep...beep

Actually two interesting "back up" things to mention today. Well, at least I think they are interesting. First, if you're not backing up your main computer (pc or laptop or whatever you use) to an external hard drive somewhere, why not take the time this weekend to do it? It's cheap insurance against a huge headache. I decided to backup my files today just in case.

On my way to a client today (in which I drove), I saw a car almost run over two people and then hit my car. What fun! The dummy tried to turn left from the turn lane after the light changed, but was too slow so he got caught in the middle. Then he had to back up to get out of the way of turning traffic. Unfortunately, he didn't remember that he was still in reverse. Now I could SEE his reverse lights on, but there's no unwritten driving rule about how to notify people that they are in reverse instead of drive. So of course I'm ready to take some sort of evasive action and/or honk if he comes at me when the light changes. Then, as if on cue, two people decide to run across the street between his car and mine just before the light was changing back. The driver of course failed to realize their car was in reverse and fortunately did not lay on the pedal as you might expect. The runners darted towards my car and hit his car with their hands at which point the driver changed gears and started moving forward. Crisis averted.

Saw some snow today, but it didn't make it to the ground or accumulate or anything. Seems a BIT early for that kind of crappy weather.


alexis said...

it's really good to appreciate those near misses in life! Also reminds me to appreciate I don't have to worry about the headaches that accompany having a car.

el supremo de nm said...

It is always sobering to realize the fine line between the near miss and the accident event - and to give thanks when it is the former.

terri said...

I back up my stuff to an external hard drive a few times a year. I've heard too many stories of lost files.

Scary how careless people can be behind the wheel sometimes!