Monday, May 25, 2009

Tough Sports Weekend

It was a pretty bad sports weekend for me and Chicago. Though on Friday the Blackhawks won to start off the weekend on a good foot. Since I had a softball tournament in Joliet on Saturday morning (with a 6 a.m. wakeup call), I stayed in with the GF and watched the game. It was a thrilling 4-3 win in overtime with the Hawks scoring the first 3 goals and the Wings scoring their 3 in a span of less than five minutes in the second period. Overtime ended after only about 2 minutes or so. Great win!! It might have been for nought though as they lost on Sunday to go down 3 games to 1.

The Cubs have lost 6 straight too! And against teams they were supposed to beat. Ugh.

Down in Joliet, our softball team didn't fare much better. It got surprisingly warm down there, especially compared to the city....probably 20 degrees warmer. We lost the first game 20-8. It sounds like we didn't have a chance, but we hit into two double plays early, one of which I was part of due to a very dumb running mistake on my part. We also could have played better on defense, myself included. In our second game, against Amish Mafia whom we beat badly the last time we played them, we scored a grand total of 2 runs and lost 8-2. It was 1-0 through 4 innings though! Yeah, a real pitchers duel. Oddly, I scored both of our runs.

Not everything was negative though. For the two games I was 6-6, five singles and a double. Unfortunately I was one of the only people to even hit over .500 I think. Normally I get walks and have a higher OBP (On Base Percentage) than batting average, but this tournament had slightly different rules that led me to swing earlier in the count. Obviously it worked out.

So the loss in softball allowed for the trip to Mokena yesterday. By the way, here are some past trips to Mokena: 2007 and 2008.

Tomorrow's post: what I would do as dictator.


alexis said...

from sports to dictatorship - the natural line of thought.

stef said...

Do we call you El Jefe?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I like that Stef!!

el supremo de nm said...

Hey we "EL"'s don't appreciate competition :(

First thing you do? Watch out for the assassination attempts from your competitors :)