Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!!!

The big news for today was all about going to Comiskey with GF, Benny Baseball and E (another softball teammate) and getting to walk on the field before the game! Well, neither ended up happening. After struggling to get to the game early enough (only 2,000 people with advanced parade tickets would be allowed onto the field), the skies opened and it rained. And rained. And rained. In fact, it rained all the way until about 8:30 when they canceled the game. Just after the announcement, it stopped raining. Bastards.

The scene at Comiskey. It would have been fun to walk around the field for a bit. Oh well. As a legacy brick buyer (it's not installed outside the stadium yet), I was given the opportunity to buy discounted tickets to this game and get parade tickets, though I wouldn't be guaranteed of getting on the field. In the end, GF and I went into the stadium at least and had "Polishes with" (grilled onions) and a few good beers. Benny and E sat out in the car for a few hours sucking down beers Benny had brought. E managed to lose his ticket between last night and tonight, so he didn't want to buy a ticket and go in until the game was on for sure.

Big night scheduled for tomorrow with a trip to the Hawks game!! 300 level but row 6 which is good. We'll be sitting with Ricardo and wife Jodi. Also in the area will be Billy the Bear and quasi-wife and Aussie Rick and Aussie Deb. We're going to meet for beers before the game. Should be a hoot!!!

Saturday I return to Comiskey with Ricardo in great seats behind the Sox dugout. Good stuff!!


stef said...

I thought about you when the skies opened up yesterday. Have a great time at the hockey game. Hopefully you will bring them some luck! Husband bought tickets to the Daddy/Daughter Sox Game in early June, so the Dukes, my FIL and Husband will get to walk on the field in a parade. Not me though!

el supremo de nm said...

So I guess this means I shouldn't be expecting too much in the way of work from Ricardo over the next couple of days.