Friday, May 15, 2009

Hittin' the road

Howdy from the Great White North!! Ok, it's only northern Michigan and no, not the U.P., but it's definitely north, just about 6 hours by car from my humble abode. Instead of driving straight through, I decided to stop and visit my buddy Mark in Grand Rapids. His wife, Michele, was also on the "to visit" docket during my trip, but I missed her due to a scheduling problem. Damn time zone change.

Anyway, I did hook up with Mark and we visited his bar, Hopcat, which is ranked as the third best beer bar in the WORLD! Seriously! BeerAdvocate ranked it third in the world. And with good reason. Not only is it a nice looking place, it does have awesome beer.

The view inside. Love the door signage.

It's a good sized bar as you can see and has an outdoor area as well. Parking is metered on the street, 25 cents for 10 minutes, not much better than Chicago!!

The draft beer list. You should be able to click on the picture and read some of the offerings.

The owner and our waitress. What was her name? Crap, my memory is horrible. Notice the Delirium Noctornum on my table. Delicious beer.

My barbecue chicken sandwich with cheese and applewood bacon. Yum!!

Look at the sink in the bathroom! I can appreciate a good bathroom fixture.

I'm up here for the weekend with golf on Monday and Tuesday, possibly Sunday as well, though the Hawks play at 3:00 here (2:00 back home) which is when we were going to play 9. Damnit.


el supremo de nm said...

Congrats to your friend - nice job, real neat looking beer list, and high class washroom facilities are always a plus.

alexis said...

that is an awesome looking pub!