Monday, May 11, 2009

The day after

After my exhausting day on Saturday, I was ready to sleep in on Sunday. No such luck though. I was up at 8:30, without my alarm, so I got my coffee and went to church. GF and I had brunch and headed over to wish my mom a happy Mother's Day a few hours later and take my folks out to dinner. It turned out to be another exhausting day and I was in bed by 11.

Today I would normally not have gone out, but the Blackhawks were playing game 6 of their playoff match-up against Vancouver. It was an exciting game which saw the Canucks go up 1-0, only for the Hawks to score three unanswered goals and go up 3-1. The Canucks wouldn't go quietly though and took a 4-3 lead on three unanswered goals of their own. We tied it up at 4 though and things looked good again. Vancouver scored with only 8 minutes left in the third, seemingly to ice the game, but we scored only 45 seconds later....and then 45 seconds later again!! We were up 6-5 and Patrick Kane scored his third goal of the night (a hat trick) with three minutes left to go up 7-5, the final tally. It was a helluva game! Ricardo, Billy the Bear and Smitty joined me in the revelery. It was a hoot!

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tim said...

Great game last night...good for the Hawks! Kane is a beast.