Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So very tired today!

Not much insightful to say as I was up at 5:50 Eastern Time (that's 4:50 CDT!!), played 27 holes of golf (9 of them in pretty chilly sub-50 degree weather) and then drove 6 hours. So I'm beat. Here are some pics from today though.

One of my favorite holes in all the land. There's a 200 foot drop on this hole.

And now a picture of the hole. Awesome.

Another cool hole, also a par 3.

I just love the scenery on these holes and the course in general.

And another par 3, without the signage. I do love playing up there.


el supremo de nm said...

Holy Moly look at those blue skies! Are you sure you weren't playing in New Mexico?

Eric Holtman said...

I was just in Maui and played a little bit on a tiny 3 hole par 3 course there (part of Kapalua's huge golf presence).

They have a big water hazard there (like, the Pacific ocean!).

stef said...