Thursday, May 14, 2009

Core Competencies

As a regular reader, you know that I'm working on increasing my core strength by taking classes twice a week. The point of increasing my core strength, which is a good thing all by itself, is that it will take some stress off my shoulder when throwing. Combined with continuing my shoulder exercises and a cortisone shot, I'm hopeful that my shoulder pain won't flare up over the summer (if summer ever arrives).

But I also have pretty poor posture while sitting in chairs, especially my work chair. At times, I can become almost horizontal with the floor (which isn't all that easy if you think about it). So after reading that Terri has one at her office. After doing some research and talking to one of my core class instructors, I decided to go out and buy a ball myself.

And so I did. It's the 75 cm size and works pretty well. We'll see how I do sitting on it and getting work done. Today went well, but it's only day 1! While my posture may still not be perfect, I'm absolutely slumping less.

While I don't consider the ball chair a condo improvement, it will certainly be a positive thing. To refresh your memory, here's my list of condo projects that I made in September after the guest bathroom was completed. The items that are in bold have been completed.

Condo Projects

Fix hole in basement cement floor
Re-Carpet basement
Storm door for downstairs
Build-up water stop
Get new door for downstairs
New sofa cushions
Investigate water pressure and hot water enhancer
Install bathroom exhaust fan
Repair water damaged ceiling
New door for storage area
Take down mirror squares in workout room
Repair Jalousie window in bedroom
New glass for Jalousie window in bedroom
Repair bedroom ceiling fan or fix remote
Renovate master bathroom

So I've accomplished quite a few things, but still have some work to do. All are very doable this summer, but we'll see how far I get. The carpet is a toughy and not cheap. For a nice pad and berber carpeting from Home Depot, it's upwards of $25-$30 a sq. yard and I need 100 sq. yards. That's close to $3,000. Does that price sound crazy to you?? I might check out Luna who is doing buy a room, get a room free. Under $2,000 would be great, if it includes delivery and moving all my stuff.


stef said...

Wow, I don't think I could sit on a ball all day. Although I'm sure it does strengthen your back muscles!

el supremo de nm said...

I should really be trying that ball thing.

That sounds like a lot for the carpet. I will check with my resident construction manager.

terri said...

So you got the plain old ball after all! I tend to get a little bouncy on mine but I stay productive, so it's all good.

I heard that carpet prices are tied to petroleum prices so that's why it's so expensive right now. (Apparently the guy who gave an estimate to my friend thought this should be common knowledge, but it was news to her and it was news to me too.)