Monday, February 23, 2009

Christmas Revisited

Saturday was a big day at the elder Sutton's house. About this time every year, my parents hold "Card Picking" Day where we all gather and vote on the best Christmas card received by my parents that year. Of course the kids all compete to send the best card and past winners are aware of the contest, but most people don't know about it. There's a list of rules stemming from "irregularities" of the past.

Here was my entry this year. Some of you might have even received it as well. Unfortunately, it did not make the cut. In round one, where everyone selects two cards and narrows down the 50 or so cards down to 14-16, you're not allowed to pick your card or a card your family sent. Later in the voting, you're allowed to vote for your own card. This year's winner was sent by Bee and was a finalist last year too, running second to my card.

It's a fun tradition that's been in place for over 30 years now. The winning card is framed on hung in the hallway referred to as the "Wall of Fame". The winner also gets a letter from my parents notifying them of their victory and prestige. My sister Lori has carried on the tradition at her house though she hasn't framed and hung the cards yet. The same group that votes on my parents' cards votes on my sister's and for the second year in a row I won!!! Whoo-hooo!!!

Things I'm grateful for:
#94 Card picking day with the family!
#95 Sunny Sundays on my chaise.
#96 A comfy sofa.


stef said...

What a fun tradition! I love it.

alexis said...

maybe you can commission someome to send you a REALLY cool xmas card for next year. "hedging our bets" I like to call it.