Thursday, February 05, 2009

Off to Florida

My first trip to the Florida Keys starts Friday morning. Dejesus Freak and I are going to the same wedding and are traveling together down there. Should be fun. I haven't been to a beach wedding, though I was invited to one when Joisey Ken and I were in Turks and Caicos.

There was a wedding in T&C and I met the bride and groom pool side and they invited me to the ceremony. Since they lived in Denver and the chances of me ever seeing them again was remote at best, I respectfully declined telling them that they really didn't want me to be there because you never know what I was going to do. I did walk by down by the water though and doffed my bright orange floppy hat in their direction during the ceremony. Seemed more appropriate.

For the second day in a row, I had hamburgers for lunch. This time DJF and I went to the newly opened Five Guys on Clybourn. Their burger is WAY better than MeatHeads. Not even close.

Here's the humble store front on busy Clybourn.

Inside the place was hopping!

Today's fries are brought to you by: Idaho Falls, Idaho. Too funny. They give you a shitload of fries. An older couple sitting behind us gave us their leftover bag of fries because they ordered two small orders, got one large instead and then Five Guys gave them two more large orders to make up for thier mistake. Needless to say, DJF and I had no chance of finishing them or even making a dent in them. It's funny (or cute) how that generation went without for so long that they thought nothing of offering us their food. They didn't want it to go to waste, so of course, give it to someone . With this economy, we might be headed back to that way of thinking......which might not be all that bad.

Things I'm grateful for:
#82 saved linen beach wear. It still looks good!
#83 people who care enough to want me to text them when I land. Yay!
#84 that I can just email my orthopedic doctor (who operated on my knee) and that he'll actually respond with a diagnosis. Nice.


stef said...

Have a great time in FL! I know somebody else heading down there this wkd too. Must be the time of year for it. I'm not jealous...much.

alexis said...

oh man, fries.... mmmmmmm. have a good time soaking up sun.

Kurt said...

Joe, Have fun on your trip buddy. I have spent many a spring break down there with loads of memories. Play it safe! I respect your opinion about Five Guys as they do have a good burger. I have been to the original Meatheads in Bloomington and mostly recently stopped in for lunch in Naperville to have a bacon ranch burger. I will tell you both concepts seem to get it right, but Meatheads has only two locations and they are on their way. I would comapare their burgers to In-N-Out and their fries to Gene and Judes! I think Meatheads is the complete package from top to bottom, front to back they are outstanding. Another burger joint yes!....but not your typical burger joint Meatheads burgers are only second to my mom's! Joe, I packing my bags...I'll see you down there!


el supremo de nm said...

Have a good time. Burgers next time I'm in town.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

If I had to guess Kurt, I would say that you work for Meat Heads. No? Good concept, but the burgers aren't up to Five Guys, at least the one I had. I'll give them another shot though....can't judge them on one visit alone.