Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Corporate Sponsorships

Anyone remember this video clip from 1988? Unfortunately all of the full segment links have been taken down by whomever currently owns the segment. They do a good job of policing their ownership. Funny two minute SNL clip though.

So on my way to my parents' house on Saturday, I stopped at a stoplight on a new street running between the highway and a through street (called Freedom Drive by the way). There was no turn on red so I had to just sit there even though no traffic was coming. Straight in front of me was Devry Institute. It got me to thinking, what if Devry PAID to have this road put in with this rather odd no turn sign? Wouldn't that be a corporate sponsorship coup? I mean you see all sorts of corporate sponsorship in television shows now (Jack Bauer is chasing after a "dark colored Jeep Cherokee" in this week's episode for instance), so why couldn't there be corporate sponsorships of city works? There are already sponsored libraries and such right? With city and state budgets coming under more and more intense budgetary pressure, how long will it be before we see:

Morton Salt trucks
Hi-C school crossing signs
Twinkie Yield sign
John Deere Deer Crossing sign
Stop signs brought to you by Weight Watchers
Pet-Smart Animal Control
Google Maps street signs
Speedo public pools
Kellogg Kindergarten
Tivo photo monitored intersections
Red Bull Speed Limit signs
Subway Subway signs

Any other ideas??


Desiree said...

Chicago Cubs mental institution.

stef said...

HA! Desiree

el supremo de nm said...

Those are really good Joe - you need to pitch your services to the city.