Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spring IS on its way.

I didn't realize so many people read my blog! Denny's was swamped!

Yesterday I saw that London had 8 inches of snow and the town basically shut down. Really?? Does it not snow there? That seems odd. It's much further north than Chicago. We're basically on the same latitude as Madrid, Spain. Huh, must be the ocean currents.

Rarely do I link to other blogs, but ESDN-m wrote an interesting and educational one on Monday.

In case you haven't been noticing, one of the days last week was the first day the sun set after 5:00. It's still freaking cold, but the sun being up longer has to help eventually!!!

Some of you know that two plastic rock guards (or something) were broken underneath the front of my car and have been hanging down, dragging and making all sorts of noise for about the last week. Finally, I was able to get into my mechanic (thanks Stef!!) to take a look at it as well as change the oil, do an alignment since the steering was pulling to the left and check out this noise in my steering column. LOTS of stuff to do.

So he called me up to tell me the car was ready. He changed the oil and filter. No biggee. The car was pulling to the left because my tires were under inflated. Saved me about $75 for an alignment. Heard the noise in the steering column but didn't want to take it apart because it's too expensive. He did a little bit of work on it though and shot some liquid graphite in it. Seems to have worked. Then he says he had to drill some holes in my frame to re-secure the plastic pieces and bolt them down.

Total cost: $65. Wow.

Things I'm grateful for:
#79 that, thanks to Stef, I now have a "guy" to take my car to. So somebody asks me where I'm taking it to get it repaired and I say, "Oh, I have a guy."
#80 my FOID. That's right, I'm going shootin' tomorrow!!
#81 the $22 all you can eat BYOB sushi bar around the corner AND Dragon maki (unagi and avocado on top of rolled ebi tempura). Good Lord is that good.


alexis said...

sometimes I miss owning a car just because I don't get to visit that guy anymore - he is a GEM!

stef said...

Oh I am so glad you like him. He is a true find for sure.

I noticed in the mornings that the sun is up when we leave the house now. Which also helps me think of spring!

el supremo de nm said...

He should be put up for some sort of auto repair Hall of Fame.