Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tournament weekend......and then some

This weekend my softball team is traveling to Phoenix for an 18 team tournament called the Spring Training Classic. For your reference, here's the bracket link. You'll note that we play at 8 a.m. on Saturday. Ugh. It's particularly bad for most of our team who won't arrive on Friday night until 11 p.m. local time. I'm going in the afternoon though and arrive around 4 p.m.

But it's not just ANY tournament. It's an NIT which means if we do well, we get an invitation to the world series in Disney in September. That's the goal every year and we've done it the last two years. So kicks off the softball year. But that's not all either. The tournament is being held at the Big League Dreams complex which replicates popular major league stadiums (in appearance and reduced in scale). We open up at Wrigley too!!! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures. The other fields are: Fenway (Boston), Yankee Stadium (NY), The Polo Grounds (NY) and Forbes Field (Pittsburgh). Should be fun.

After the tournament, we're going to hang around Phoenix for a few days and catch some spring training baseball games. Monday I'm going to try to see the Sox and Tuesday we already have tickets for the Cubs right behind their dugout. Woot-woot!!!! Des, I'll try to get an autograph for you. Who do you want??

So it might be tough for me to post every day. I will be taking the computer though.

Things I'm grateful for:
#97 Trips to warmer climates in the winter.
#98 The return of baseball every year, "...the constant through all the years..."--Field of Dreams
#99 Fun teammates on my softball team. Win or lose, we at least have fun.
#100 My "being grateful" exercise and blogging in general.


stef said...

Here's the Shaterian wish list:

Alexi Ramirez, Carlos Quentin, Jermain Dye and Mark Buerhle.

el supremo de nm said...

Hmmmm Chicago based softball team trying to qualify for World Series in Wrigley field look alike park - smells like the old choke-a-rama.