Monday, February 02, 2009

Get to Denny's.....FAST!!!

That's right, a commercial on my blog. Oh well, if The Office can sell out, I guess my blog can as well. If you go to Denny's anywhere in the country on Tuesday between 6 and 2 (might be 5 a.m. and 1 central time), you can get a free Grand Slam breakfast!! Nice. Now I just need to find a Denny's......Norridge or Oak Park...not exactly worth the trip. Crap.

The Super Bowl was awesome and I would have won about $425 if I could have found a bookie. No luck though. Dammit. Our softball team raised over $1,100 at our fundraiser though. Everyone had fun. We held a poker tournament, a bags tournament and we sold squares too. Both Ricardo and I each won a square, $100 each! Not too bad.

Speaking of football, what did you think of the commercials? I wasn't jacked about too many of them except the Mean Joe Greene knock off Coke commercial with current Steeler Troy Polamalu and the E*Trade baby ad where he just finished golfing and beating the guy in a skins game. Anytime a baby says he delivered a "beat down" and tells him to "read the rules shank-a-pottamus", it's a good commercial. That was damn funny.

The Teleflora talking flowers commercial was ok. The Death and Taxes commercial had real possibilities, but it didn't deliver. The Cheetos and pigeons ad made me chuckle at least. The Bridgestone commercial where their tires are stolen on the moon was good in concept, but was "Jump Around" really the right background song??'s moose head and rear also had potential, but I felt like the moose should have been alive, that would have been funnier. Career Builder's "It may be time if..." commercial was ok, though maybe one segment too long. Hulu's ad with Alec Baldwin was good. He's funny.

The NFL announced which teams will play each other next year. Here they are for the Bears:

Home: Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, Arizona, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Pittsburgh

Away: Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati

According to the records of the teams THIS year, the Bears have the easiest schedule in the NFL!!! Unfortunately, they also are the ONLY team to play all four semi-finalists for the Super Bowl: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Arizona and Philadelphia. We might not be able to beat any of those teams even though three of them are at home. Still, we could pretty easily get to 10 wins next year....another season on the verge of the playoffs.


stef said...

glad you managed to have a fun time- even if you couldn't find a bookie! ;)

el supremo de nm said...

Managed to miss the almost all of the Super Bowl flying back from CT. I got off the plane in ABQ, walked passed a bar in the airport just in time to see the rerun of the winning catch.

Our motto when traveling by car in the far flung parts of the country - Denny's at least it's safe.