Wednesday, February 18, 2009

App Entry

The other day, blogger Stef wrote about an app for the iPhone called Loseit. It's a free app which I had downloaded after seeing a commercial for it. Since she seemed so enamored with it, I decided to actually open it up and start to use it. It probably helped that I am not happy with my current weight and was looking for assistance in lowering it.

Well, so far so good. The app is pretty cool and easy to use. You set your current weight, goal weight and date, and enter in your daily exercise and food intake. It calculates how many calories you have left to use for the day etc.

And I PAID for my first app today! Yes, a whole $.99 out the window. Though I own over 1,000 songs, I've never paid for one. Just not big on it (afterall there is no marginal cost to the producer of either an app or a song), but I'm adjusting (they do provide value to me afterall). This app is called G-Park and was also recently advertised. When you park your car, you hit the app and the "park" button. It makes a note of where you are ( you can also take a picture or write a note to yourself too, like level R-7) . When you go do whatever it is that you need to do, you hit the find car button and it will make a map back to your car for you. For those who have known me for a while, you might remember that I used to have a map of the neighborhood on my refrigerator to help me find my car after circling lookng for a parking spot. On more than one occasion I thought the car was stolen because it wasn't where I thought I left it. Well no more!! Actually, it happens much less frequently now because I don't search for a spot as often ssince I have a parking spot, but it will still come in handy (I'm hopping) at the mall and when I'm visiting other towns.

I've also made a potentially life altering decision. It COULD be life altering or it could be a phase. Over the years I've known many people who can get up and workout in the morning (Joisey Ken for example is a morning workout person). I was never one of those people. Ever since I saw an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger of all people, I've wanted to be one. In his prime, he ran 5 miles and did a full workout BEFORE breakfast. That just seemed amazing to me. So after having coffee with one of these people, I've decided that I too am going to be a morning workout person. It will get my ass out of bed early, burn calories that I wouldn't be burning while sleeping and probably get me to the gym more regularly. Side benefits should be: able to make morning meetings again and could perform better at softball tournaments when games start at 8 or 9 in the morning. This morning was my first trip and it went swimmingly. Though I only had a lean cuisine for dinner last night and no snacks, I had a surprising amount of energy this morning. Here's to weight loss!!!


el supremo de nm said...

I could see that app being very useful.

Make Morning Meetings ????

I figured you were just going to tell Ricardo and I that now you couldn't make anything before 2 PM :)

stef said...

The Loseit app is so easy to use that there is just no reason not to do it. Although I lost the majority of my weight without it. I'm hoping it will help me transition into maintenance a lot easier.

I am trying to work out in the mornings to. But I am not doing well with the motivation! I do good monday and Tuesday but then its all downhill from there...