Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Final wedding entry

After sleeping 11 hours on Monday night and 10 hours on Tuesday night, I'm finally feeling much better after this weekend's bout with a cold. Still, I'm looking forward to another nice night of sleep.

My next ailment has already flared up unfortunately. Actually, it started a few weeks ago and hasn't gotten any better. My right shoulder has some sort of strain in the rotator cuff, at least I think that's it, and throwing a softball is really difficult. At the end of the month, I have a softball tournament in Arizona, so it's off to the doctor and possibly a physical therapist to rehab it if needed. Ugh.

Thanks to Mr. Lopes (what's your screen name anyway?) for letting me know that Amy Freeze from Fox News Chicago is on Facebook. DJF still doubts she is the real Amy, but I'm trying to set up a tour of the station! That will show you DJF! Curse you!

Some final pictures from the weekend!

This is the Westin Hotel (I think) in Key West. What a building! It really stands out. It's very close to where the Disney Magic was docked as well, so it would be a good place to stay if you were departing from Key West on a cruise.

I just thought this was funny. It's a bar or something that we passed on the way to Key West. That little sign over the door just cracked me up.

Back to the wedding pics. Here's where I stayed.

To the right in this picture is another pool and hot tub. Straight ahead is the gazebo where the happy couple was married.

More lounging chairs and such around a lagoon of sorts. In the middle of this picture is the groom getting some pictures taken before the wedding.

Same lagoon, same groom, different stance.

This is the dolphin pool. That's right, the dolphin pool!! There are seven dolphins swimming around in here and I saw them on Saturday when I didn't have my camera and had a tough time getting a picture of them on Sunday when I did have my camera. Dammit.

Here's the top of one at least. They really were active when I didn't have my camera, but the trainers need to be there coaxing them to do stuff.

Here's one picture of the bride and groom at the gazebo with a hawk in the background. Unfortunately you can't really appreciate how big the bird is and how cool it looked in the background.

Here they are again. I just realized that I don't have any pictures of the bride and she's easily the better looking of the two!! Dumb Joe.


stef said...

what a beautiful place to get married! Congrats to the happy couple.

alexis said...

damn, she totally said what I was gonna say!


amy said...

when are you coming for your tour!