Monday, January 05, 2009

It's Christmas Card Time

It was another banner year for Christmas cards this year and my sincere thanks to all who sent them to humble ol'me. So today I've scanned in the best of the best and will recognize the senders here on my's not the red carpet or anything, but it's something! To all the folks who sent pictures of their kids.....well, you didn't win. It's not like your kids aren't cute/handsome/special, but it's not really a card and very few of them even put a personal message on them! Maybe if you have a gaggle of kids running around then you don't have time to write a note, but c'mon, but the buggers to bed and take a minute to do it right. Just one single man's opinion.

Here are the winners and interestingly enough, none of the senders won last year!

First place card this year was from a blog reader actually, Dry Dock up in Wisconsin. I actually had brunch with them after Thanksgiving which was fun. Hadn't seen them in a couple of years. Congratulations!!

This card was pretty cool and, like most of the cards, its scan doesn't do it it justice. It's from Jumpin' Joe DeMarco, a buddy of mine shown in some golfing pictures.

I really liked this card from Dez over in Singapore. Looks like she took beer samples from her Belgium trip and cleverly made a Christmas card out of it. Nicely done. Chimay is one of my favorite beers in the world, so she sort of cheated. :-)

This card is understated and simple, but very nice and slightly three dimensional. It was from the Punke Family, who sit next to me at the Bears games and who gave me a Bears hat. I'm already looking forward to seeing them again next year.

And finally, a very nice much more religious themed card from an ex-girlfriend who has long since married. We don't talk at all during the year, but we have exchanged emails periodically and still do wish the best for each other. That's what the season is about right? I mean, after celebrating the birth of our savior of course!!


Forgot to include this card from my niece Sommer. I believe it's supposed to be a representation of their house in a snow globe.


alexis said...

I think cards are definitely a case of give in order to receive. I don't send cards and am glad not to receive any. Pains me to throw them away!

stef said...

facebook is the year-round christmas card

el supremo de nm said...

I like the beer one.

Desiree said...

Thanks Supremo and thanks Joe! You know I love making my cards every year, even though I complain about how the number keeps increasing. The shot I take every year is a definite part of me and I know everyone who receives one makes the connection. :)