Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ESDN-m is in town.....there goes the diet.

It was a long Podolny day today, starting with running late to pick up el supremo de NM (ESDN-m) (sort of like ESPN but not). We had a tiny bit of snow and traffic was a nightmare. There probably was an accident on the Kennedy so people took Elston instead, which is the street I needed to take. When I got near Stef's place, I took a side street to bypass the traffic and ran into school traffic by an elementary school. Those damn parents are THE WORST drivers and most inconsiderate people ever. Just stopping in the middle of the street to drop off their little urchins and coming out of nowhere from an alley without regard for normal traffic.

Fortunately our first client was very understanding. The meetings during the day went well and we wrapped it up with a networking meeting with an attorney at Japonais. Ironically, we came home (ESDN-m is staying with me on this trip) and went to Kanok, a sushi place around the corner! Bring on the pictures:

ESDN-m with our BYOB of choice. We didn't want to open more wine, since we had some at Japonais. I was all out of my "good" beer. Schlitz is still pretty refreshing though.

You can click on the menu and see our options, but it was $22 per person, all you can eat. Only thing is that you have to eat everything you order or you'll get charged full price for what you didn't finish in addition to the $22. I made out like a bandit!! I ordered a dragon roll, a catepillar roll, an unagi roll and two pieces of unagi. Not to mention the miso soup. Mmmmmmm.

Our chefs for the night. I didn't get their names, but they were really nice. Yellow tail tuna isn't on the list for the all you can eat deal, but they gave ESDN-m a piece anyway. Very nice of them.

Thing I'm grateful for:
#76 that I have a byob sushi, Italian, Chinese and Thai restaurant all within walking distance.
#77 that I have a job where I can help out business owners who wouldn't normally be able to afford consulting assistance.
#78 flannel pajamas.


stef said...

That is an AWESOME sushi deal! i am very jealous. Especially considering the terrible Chinese food we had the night before.

el supremo de nm said...

Thanks for the hospitality as always Joe.

alexis said...

so glad to hear things are going well - that sushi is the best deal I've heard of on two continents!