Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is an awful story, but it would make an outstanding movie. My angle would be that sepsis is encoded in our dna as a way to protect the human population during our evolution. If an infection gets bad, then to protect the healthy population from that infection, the sepsis kicks in and kills you. What if the bar for activating sepsis was reduced to say only needing to have a common cold before it kicks in ( I realize a cold is viral but bear with me)? Interesting.

I'm looking for a bookie or someone going to Vegas to drop some money on the Steelers this Sunday. The money line, last I checked, was -$235. That means if you think the Steelers will win, you can win $100 for every $235 you bet. I REALLY like the Steelers in this game based on some statistical information that has been accurate on 21 of the 25 Super Bowls in which they have indicated the winner this strongly. There are 12 catagories that were used in the analysis and 11 predict the Steelers would win. While in the 5 Super Bowls that one team has 11 of the indicators in their favor won by an average of 21 points, I don't want to give the 7 points to the Cardinals. So I'm looking at the money line where I don't have to give points; just pick the winner. So if you're going to Vegas or a bookie, get in touch with me!!