Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy Birthday! Or as they say on Mars: "Gorpkfa Nattlgork!"

It's the Martian Rover Spirit's fifth birthday today. That means it has exceeded it's anticipated stay by 4 years and 9 months. Either it's an awesome engineering and spacial feat, or it's a HUGE miscalculation by the NASA scientists. While I'd like to believe it's the former, it's most likely the latter. The other rover, Opportunity, landed 21 days later, so its birthday is still coming.

Productive day for me, even while watching three football games. The Christmas tree came down and was taken out to the curb, which means I had to take the lights off it first and then clean the stand. Got all of my Christmas lights together and put them into one big plastic tub (which I went out and bought today as well) and further organized and cleaned up my storage room. Additionally, I went back to the gym for a workout, made a trip to the bank, hit both Menards and Home Depot, went grocery shopping, changed the light bulbs in my now working ceiling fan, did a load of laundry and put my new grill cover on my grill (my Bears grill cover became a victim of the last ice/rain/wind storm). Not to bad!!

Not sure if I mentioned previously that my bedroom ceiling fan is again working. This is the fan which I had taken down in order to install a new remote control, which was not compatible with my fan. My old remote still was working at the time, but it was getting pretty old. Well, after taking down and reinstalling the fan three times, I realized that midway through my efforts, my old ceiling STOPPED working. A replacement is on the way from the manufacturer, but it's over 10 years old, so I had to buy a new one. For the interim, I've taken the remote from my living room and am using it (after changing some dip switches--a very technical electronics term which I can't go into).

Things I'm grateful for:
#52 Dogs. They are awesome! So friendly and loving. I petted two poochies outside of Starbucks today.
#53 New t-shirts. Very excited to have a dozen new shirts to start the new year. Yay!!!
#54 A warm bed at the end of the day.


el supremo de nm said...

Well done Joe - See all the good stuff that happens when the Bears get knocked out early :)

Dalai Mama said...

Combine #52 and #54 ... dogs make the best bed companions too (and they are a good judge of character for other people who should not be there). Happy New Year! (been out of town so I am a little late)

stef said...

warm bed is a good one. I will remember it for future use.