Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Three Topics

On a whim I recorded Mighty Aphrodite with and by Woody Allen. His wife in the movie is Helena Bonham Carter, who I wrote about in this entry. I've seen the movie before, but didn't remember her being in it. Good flick.

In memory of the Bears and tailgating with Benny Baseball, I took this photo today:

Benny brings at LEAST one pack of Best Kosher hot dogs to every tailgate and rarely eats anything that I bring. He loves eating hot dogs, ketchup only. That's Benny.

Finally, I forgot to upload the pictures from my Blackhawks game the other night.

Here's the view from the first row of the 300 level. Nice.

The TV camera was right next to me! If I had worn my Blackhawks hat instead of my Cubs hat, I could have gotten on TV. Damnit.

In this picture is MJ Star, a woman I used to work with at Morningstar. She works part-time as a hostess for both the Sox and apparently the Blackhawks. I had no idea. I went to my seats, looked over the glass and there she was in the 200 level. She's just about to go into the aisle in the center of the picture. I shouted to her and she thought it was a voice from "on-high". Nope, just me and only a little tipsy.

Things I'm grateful for:
#55 Vacuum cleaners. WTF? I really don't even know how those things work, but boy, when you need one you just can't beat it.
#56 That I have a flexible work schedule. While I worked in the morning and later in the evening, I ran errands in the afternoon that would have taken forever in the evening.
#57 That I have a willingness to undertake SOME household projects....and can actually do them! See tomorrow's post.

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alexis said...

oh I miss hotdogs