Friday, January 09, 2009

Success and issues in the basement

The temperature in my downstairs is unbelievable! Previously, the living space down there could reach 82+ and would rarely drop below 75. Today I've measured the temperature four times throughout the day and each time it's 70 degrees! That's amazing to me. I didn't think there would be that much of a drop.

In fact, the temperature dropped so much, I noticed that there was a draft coming from around the windows. Previously I must not have noticed because it would have been refreshing. The installation of the window casing was done on the cheap though and it's not easy to interlock metal and brick. The gaps are hidden by some wood covering, so it wasn't an obvious thing.

So it was another trip to Home Depot for Joe. I picked up some hi-end Great Stuff (called something else) and insulation, took off the window casing on the three windows, sprayed in the Great Stuff and then packed it with insulation. It's working well! Now I've found another cold air leak NEXT to the windows coming from behind a furrowed out wall with a light switch and outlet on it. I'm thinking I'll pop that out tomorrow and see what's going on back there.

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alexis said...

LOL I was totally going to ask you about this "Great Stuff"