Sunday, July 31, 2011

A wedding

Posting remains difficult as I mentioned in my last post, but now the fans and dehumidifier are gone so I'm hoping that the slight improvement will help with my desire and ability to post.

The condo building's insurance adjuster showed up today and evaluated our building's damage and what they would cover and wouldn't cover. Sounds like they'll cover the drywall work and the drying out, but not the carpet removal or replacement. That liability falls on the home owner policy. The adjuster for my home owner's policy will come out tomorrow to look at the damage and determine what they will cover. Looks like I'll be out the $500 deductible as the carpet alone costs about $3,000 to tear out and replace.

It looks like the status of disarray will continue until we leave for Puerto Rico for the wedding. That's unfortunate, but there's not much we can do. These things take time.

Yesterday, my buddy "Sausage", with whom I go to the Bears games quite often, got married in downtown Chicago. Our wedding would have been fairly similar had we not opted for a destination wedding: 275-300 people and the wedding and reception not far from each other. We've been staunchly against having a big lull between the ceremony and the start of the reception though and this wedding had a two hour break (presumably for pictures). Seems to kill the momentum of the day to some degree to me.

At the reception, we were at table 19 (my number in softball) and it was called the Soldier Field table (where the Bears play). At our table were John and Carol (I played softball with John until his retirement this year), Benny Baseball and Blind Mender, two couples I didn't know, and Tim and Amanda (with whom I also played softball until this year). I took a few pics:

The reception was at The University Club in one of their many halls.

A very blurry first dance.

John and Carol on the far left, Benny Baseball in the middle and Mender on the right.

Me and LL as well as me and Amanda, Tim's wife. Tim took the second pic.

And Tim took this picture of me and LL. Maybe a little too much flash, but not bad.


alexis said...

wow, that is a pretty big wedding! Looks like they pulled out all the stops to make sure people felt special and welcome.

el supremo de nm said...

I agree with Alexis - looks pretty fancy schmancy :)

You are amazingly philosophic in your posts these days. Hope that is the true reflection of your state of mind :)

terri said...

I hear a lot of wedding talk these days, with friends' kids heading to the alter. And to be quite honest, it scares me to death. I thought getting them through college without TOO much debt would be an accomplishment. Now I'm hearing what weddings cost these days, and knowing my kids could be getting married in the somewhat near future, and it freaks me out. Wonder if they'd take a payoff to go to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator.