Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Damn FIFA!!!

Yeah, that's right, I'm ranting against FIFA today. Why? Because they cost me money today. I'm not even sure how much money, but ANY money is going to make me mad. It's just a matter of how mad. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it now and I have no recourse against FIFA. Bastards.

Yesterday I finished watching my TIVO of the USA's womens world cup game against Japan. Unfortunately, the recording stopped just before the shootout. Damnit!!! So I went online to find a recording of just the shootout. Unfortunately, freaking FIFA made Youtube pull all of the videos of the shootout off their site!!! Arrrrgggghhhhhh. Some of the videos though had a link imbedded to another site that had it available. That site however required a download of a player, which I would not do since they can trick you into downloading a virus. Well, the trick was already played in the initial link and so I picked up a virus that promises to "protect your computer" against viruses. Damnit.

So that's why I had no post last night and why FIFA is now on my shit list. The video on FIFA's site, of course, only shows the winning goal by Japan, not the rest of the shootout. Dopes. So now my computer is getting debugged at the computer place around the corner.


alexis said...

oh dear, that sucks! Boo on FIFA indeed

el supremo de nm said...

FIFA sucks for all kinds of reasons - unless you are in the right group that gets the payoffs.

And you didn't miss anything with the shootout. Big, big, big let down for the US.

terri said...

Stupid FIFA!