Sunday, July 10, 2011

Softball weekend (again!)

Our softball team won our third tournament in a row this weekend going 3-0 and run-ruling our competition in two of the games. I wasn't there for the first win, but it sounded like there was only one other good team in a small tournament. The second win didn't have much talent either, so we took care of business pretty easily. This Saturday though, while there was only six teams in the tournament, four of them were pretty good and two of them had beaten us already this year in other tournaments. So all in all it was a good Saturday. From a hitting perspective, I was only 5-8 which is .625, under my goal and current average of .700. Two of the three outs were awful: a called third strike and a tap back to the pitcher with the bases loaded! Ugh. Fortunately, after tapping the ball back to the pitcher, I hustled down the first base line and allowed myself to get hit with the throw from the catcher. The ball bounced away and the guy who was on second was able to score and I was safe....the best of a bad situation I guess. In the last game though I was 2-2 including a 2-run, 2 out double. I think we won the game 11-1 and I had three RBI. Not bad.

Tonight I'm filling in on the over 40 team despite a tender back as they are short guys. It's not my favorite thing to be doing, but I feel obligated.

Lots of wedding stuff going on everyday, but not stressful stuff. Just plugging along and making progress. Only 48 more days!!


terri said...

Congrats on your win!

Our girls played great today. Even though they lost two, they were very competitive games.

alexis said...

be careful not to overdo it! An obligation is one thing but I'm sure they'll understand if you're recovering from an injury AND getting married.

el supremo de nm said...

So the key to all this winning is finding tournaments with poor teams?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

It doesn't hurt esdnm!! This past weekend though they actually had some good teams which made it all the sweeter!