Sunday, July 03, 2011

Long, fun weekend!!

Oh man Saturday's weather was tough: 90+ degrees with 75+% humidity. Tough, tough day to be outside. We had a softball tournament, so I was out there at 8:30 in the a.m. to start it off and was there until 6. We had a four game guarantee against lesser competition with the top two teams playing for money, about 2x the entrance fee. It wasn't too tough for us and we closed it out by the slaughter rule. Still, it was hot and we were tired from playing 5 games in a day, but most of the guys got at least one game off. I was 4-4 in the opener to continue my tournament opening game streak, and went 7-10 on the day. Good stuff.

On Sunday, I went to the Cubs/Sox game courtesy of the Punke family, the people who sit next to me at the Bears games. We had a great time and afterwards we hit the Nisei Lounge and then went to my house for a bunch of pool playing and drinking. Good times.

Now I'm just trying to sober up!!

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