Friday, July 15, 2011

Week day catch up!!

Holy crap have I really not posted since Tuesday?? Good Lord.

Part of the reason for not posting was ESDNM was in town so it was busy, busy, busy running around calling on clients and potential clients. In general the meetings were pretty successful as we continue to do good work for our clients. And our clients seem to be doing pretty well in general as well. It's still a tough environment, but with our help, they are making progress.

Then there's the over-eating which I put squarely on ESDNM. Monday night we hit Sapori Trattoria, one of my favorite Italian places in Chicago. Monday night is a family style special so you get lots of good food for very reasonable prices.

Tuesday was LL's shower, so she didn't join us and it was a busy day, so ESDNM decided he wanted pizza (actually he wanted it on Monday, but we had a better option). So I asked him if he wanted thin or deep dish and he said thin. Off I went to look up the number for Pequod's, the best thin/regular crust in town. Then he changed his mind and said he wanted to go outside his comfort zone and do deep dish, so I changed gears for Gino's East. Good stuff.

Since my throat was still ailing (much better now thanks!), I laid off the alcohol until Wednesday night when I was starting to feel better (meaning I could blow my nose without my throat hurting). Wednesday night was Sun-Wah, Chinese bbq. I've written about it before and it's just plum tasty. We had duck, Mongolian beef, shrimp stuffed eggplant slices and some green veggie thing that I was ripping on ESDNM for ordering but it turned out to be pretty tasty. Ricardo joined us for the evening (along with LL of course) and it was a great evening. Afterwards we went to The Green Mill, a pretty famous Chicago bar of the speakeasy era which has all sorts of eclectic music playing live.

It was going to be an early evening because as the bouncer was checking I.D.'s of the couple in front of us, he told them to keep their voices down so people could hear the music. Uh oh. First off, Ricardo ESDNM and myself all have at least SOME trouble hearing. Not a good start. Second, my voice can carry in a football stadium much less a hushed, relatively small bar, so that's strike two. Third, I was on my third Belgian beer since I hadn't been able to drink in about a week and hadn't seen Ricardo in forever. Not a good combination. I was doing pretty well though, but we had to tell ESDNM to "try whispering" because his volume knob was clearly not functioning. Good times.


alexis said...

LOL! Joe, did I tell you the last time ESDNM came to visit, we got a note from our crazy neighbors especially in his honor, complaining about people talking too loud at night? :)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oh no, another note from the annoying neighbor!! Ha! He struggles with his volume knob, no doubt.

terri said...

I can imagine how easy it is to overeat with a foodie like ESDM around!