Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making Progress

It's been tough to post this last week as my "office" downstairs was flooded and is now drying out. Drying out means five commercial fans blowing air into previous wet areas and a huge dehumidifier. Actually I can only run three of the fans before I start tripping circuit breakers, but it's plenty loud. Having the TV on in the background is completely out of the question.

Along with those problems, I'm still fighting unknown viruses on my computer. It seems like the anti-virus programs hog all of the memory and then stall out the computer. Or that's what the virus is doing and the three anti-virus programs I've tried haven't been able to kill it. Not sure.

Fortunately I do have an office to go to, which I did today, and I also have operational wireless thanks to constant nagging by ESDNM to get it hooked up so he could do "work" while he's staying at Chateau Sutton. So it's not awful, but it is being reinforced in my mind that I need a new laptop for doing just basic stuff, nothing hardcore. Time to hit the store I think.

Wedding plans are coming along despite the weather god's best efforts to....wait for it.....dampen them. Ha! Responses keep coming in, as do gifts, and we are diligently logging them and sending thank you notes the next day. It looks like we're going to have around 70 people there, one of whom will NOT be Bill the Bear.

Yesterday afternoon I went golfing with Bill the Bear as well as Nick and reminded Bill on several occasions that he was not coming to the wedding with comments like: "So how are those home renovations coming that are keeping you from coming to the wedding?" Little jabs like that kept me entertained most of the round. By the way, we finished a full round for the first time this year (or at least the first time for me with the boyz in our after work league). Though I played poorly on the front, I shot a 3 over 39 on the back. Not bad.


alexis said...

do you have an IT someone who might look at your compute for de-bugging? Reminds me, I need to back my laptop up - way overdue.

terri said...

Do you have multiple anti-virus programs installed? The problem may be too much security. That can really slow things down.

Bee said...

Have you tried tossing all the other virus protection and using Kaspersky? Its a hell of a good program and keeps this surfer safe!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I haven't even heard of it Bee.

No IT person Alexis, except for the guy who got rid of the main virus I had.

Just the one program now Terri, but it doesn't seem to be enough (or right or something).

Bee said...

take it to the geek squad, these guys are massively talented and then get the antivirus they recommend or Kaspersky, its really good stuff!

el supremo de nm said...

Maybe it's not a virus...maybe its a mold from the flooding - HAH!

And you're welcome for having the foresight to get you on wireless :)