Sunday, July 24, 2011

We interrupt your regularly scheduled life......

Busy, busy, busy. Friday we were finally able to hook up with Naperville Greg and Kleveland Kim for pizza (Pequod's) and a movie (Horrible Bosses which was awesome). After months of trying to hook up, we went out, had fun and I was finally able to ask Greg to be in the wedding, which he happily accepted. We were running out of time for the invite!!!

It was late when we got home so it was off to bed, but storms were on the horizon and our dog, Molly, does not like storms. LL was sitting up with her around 2 a.m. when she noticed a darkish spot on the rug. She thought Molly had peed on the carpet, but when she stood up, she realize we were being flooded. The damn which I had set up outside the downstairs door held like a champ, but there was so much water (5-6") in an hour, that the main sewer lines were backing up and water started coming up my shower drain as well as in from the boiler room (I think).

So the relaxing weekend which was supposed to start with dinner and movie, followed by golf and end with two softball games Sunday, all got rained out (except for the dinner of course). Yep, they even closed the golf course!!! Crap.

Fortunately LL's parents came to lend a hand moving stuff and sucking up the water. By the time we finished, we had deposited 50-60 gallons of water outside and that was just so it wouldn't slosh up around your shoes when you walked.

Calls to Service Master, Service Pro, and Paul Davis Restoration, all went unanswered but a smaller local guy came through called Ironside Restoration. They do everything from mitigation to replacement. As I sit in my dry basement right now, there is no carpeting or padding and the furniture is moved around but still usable. They also took the first two feet of dry wall off to help prevent mold from growing.

The last step seems over dramatic, but insurance is going to pay for it! Since the water came in from a backed up drain (as opposed to straight from outside) they will pay for the repairs and/or replacements. Nice! It looks like our wedding is also going to be a much needed relaxing vacation as it may take a few weeks to get paid by insurance after everything drys out.


terri said...

Frustrating! We have always been lucky and haven't ever experienced the flooded basement (though there IS a small corner in a closet that gets wet now and then.) I've helped clean up wet basements before and I know it's no fun. I'm glad insurance will cover the cost!

alexis said...

wow! What storms. Makes me think I need to be careful if I am considering purchasing a flat that has a basement.

el supremo de nm said...

Wow that just sounds like hell. The last thing you needed with the wedding stresses. Time to move to the high ground!

April Robinson said...

What a drag! But the good news is that you caught it quickly so at least the damage is minimized. Were you thinking of changing up the carpet before this? Thank goodness for Ironside Restoration and let's hope it all ends up looking better than ever.