Thursday, July 07, 2011

Planking....Salmon Style

So have you heard of this phenomenon called "planking"? It's pretty stupid, but it's all the rage in certain circles.....I'm guessing pretty bored and/or stupid circles. Yesterday I saw a squirrel planking on my fence in the backyard, but couldn't get my phone camera before the dog barked and scared the squirrel away.

For dinner tonight I cooked a maple glazed salmon and on a whim bought a wood plank at the store on which to cook it. I've heard that you can cook a salmon this way, but I've never actually tried it. The guy at the fish counter told me to soak it in water before tossing it on the grill with the salmon on top.

My neighbors were eating out on the back porch while I was cooking and I asked them if they had ever cooked with a plank. They had indeed so I asked if they put the plank on the top rack or bottom rack, thinking that the bottom rack would make the most sense. They agreed, bottom rack, and so let the cooking begin!

The salmon was on the grill while I was preparing the side dishes and after a few minutes there was a soft knock on the back door. It was my neighbor. "What's up?" "I think you have fire going in your grill. Just thought you should know." Doh!! The grill was smoking away, but no fire yet. Thankfully. The plank did get charred underneath though and I guess they only last 2-3 cookings anyway, so I wasn't too surprised.

But the salmon turned out very nicely cooked and the maple glaze was delicious. LL mentioned that we could probably use the glaze on chicken and pork chops too. What a great idea. I definitely think my first planking experience was a positive one.


alexis said...

that sounds really neat! The manner of cooking Salmon. Not laying face down somewhere. That just sounds silly.

el supremo de nm said...

I'm with you Alexis!

terri said...

I had to look up planking. I'm actually quite amused.

I was able to figure out the salmon planking all on my own. Yay me. It does sound really good!