Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Working the web

Interesting goings on pretty much everyday now at the house. Either wedding invitation responses or gifts show up and today there were plenty of both!!! Yowza!! And yes, we are indeed now aware (and not happy) that there is no spot to mark "sorry, we can't make it". How can that NOT be on a response card?? It is fun though as people make notes explaining why they can't make it (and are also ordering dinners to be mailed to them as well.....yes, those are my friends), so maybe it's not the worst thing.

Tonight is LL's shower, thrown by her mother and her mother's friends, down in Joliet. Then this weekend is her bachelorette party, so it's a big week for her!! As I mentioned yesterday, I'm heading out of town to the wonderful city of Pekin, IL which is near....nothing. Ok, it's actually near Peoria where I took and passed my CPA exam once upon a time.

Funny how things link on the web these days. Here's something that I literally just went through:
-looked at my hotel location in Pekin, IL on Google maps to see what restaurants are nearby
-found a place called Kouri's Pub, which serves pizza
-remembered a guy I knew in college who was from Peoria (near Pekin) whose family owned Italian restaurants in the area named Kouri
-I visited him and his wife in Minneapolis after college as I knew both him and his wife
-searched Facebook for him and his wife and came up empty
-searched the web for both and got a hit on his wife's maiden name, which also had her married name as "Couri" not Kouri.
-searched the web again for the husband with the new spelling and find out he has a law firm in St. Michael, MN with another guy from college and whose brother I was friends with and was trying to find (fruitlessly) a few months ago.
-went to their website, confirmed that the picture was the right guy, got his email from the site and sent him a message.

How crazy is that??


alexis said...

more frightening is that I can't remember what I used to do to find that information before internet....

el supremo de nm said...

I was curious that all your friends including me had the same reaction to the invitation - "guess this means they're going to ship us the meal"

I don't know if that is a comment on the people who are attracted to you or the universal desire to get something for nothing.