Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Still fighting a computer virus....sort of

Something is screwing up my computer and taking over all the available CPU usage and turns the computer into basically a dead machine. To counteract it, I have to keep the task manager bar up and when the CPU usage gets to high, I have to find the svchost.exe file that is eating up the memory and terminate it. Even when it's using 100% of the memory, I can still click a file or something every 30 seconds or so. When I kill the file, it's like starting the clock all over again. Very frustrating. It does buy me some time to use the computer though, which is key now as everything is kind of nuts with the final planning for the wedding and the flood and turbulent weather.

On the insurance front, my carrier is coming through like a champ by paying me more than the current estimate by the reconstruction company. The reconstruction company is probably higher than they should be too, so I'm considering having someone less expensive come in and do the work. It's basically dry wall work and painting and then I can have the same carpet people that installed the carpeting originally, do the job again. The savings could be thousands of dollars, so it's something I seriously contemplating.

Hope to be blogging regularly soon....he wrote as a thunder claps in the background after yet another storm rolled through dumping crap loads of water on us again!


alexis said...

is this just coincidence that all the rain is falling at the same time, or are you guys getting some serious, record rainfall in Chi-town this year?

I feel we must have been really lucky in June to have such dry weather.

el supremo de nm said...

Send some rain here damn it!

Glad to hear you are finding a way to get the work done for less :)

And for crying out loud, just buy a MAC and get rid of all those virus woes.

terri said...

Sorry to hear about all your computer problems. That's the last thing you need with everything you've got going on.

Hope things mellow out soon!

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