Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plans coming together

Have to admit, getting a little stressed out with wedding planning and tension is running above....well, I guess tension exists where it normally doesn't around the house. Cleansing breaths and one day at a time. Plus maybe some sleep for us both would be good. Sleep cures all ills.

In addition, with the basement still torn up (but I received a promising quote finally!) and the wifi not working, it seems like there's everything is out of sorts. My bachelor party weekend last weekend probably didn't help that feeling, but what can you do?

Thursday I have a fund raiser golf outing with my buddy Joe D. who is coming to the wedding. I went to Joe's wedding in Sarasota back in 2007 and had a good time. It's probably what made me suggest the idea to LL (who already had her own positive thoughts about them). Anyway, after Thursday, I'm probably going to a bachelor party for one of my Bear's fans which is about 4 1/2 hours north in Arkdale, WI. Good Lord that's a long trip. I'll come back Saturday morning though so it's just an over-nighter. Then packing and such for the wedding!! Busy, busy, busy!!


alexis said...

don't stretch yourself too far! You don't want to be so stressed you can't enjoy your big day.

el supremo de nm said...

Actually I have been totally, totally amazed at how calm you have been overall...especially having seen you in "not so calm" moods.

I give LL all the credit :)

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